Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 2 in the Studio (video)

Yesterday, Rob Pemberton and I began tracking live instrumentation for my new full-length at the big nice studio Machines With Magnets. From 10:30 to 8pm we worked on the drum sounds. Expert drum tech Mike Viele showed up in the evening and has been taking care of the drum tuning and upkeep for the rest of this session. Today was another long day, tracking 4 songs. Aside from the just trying to perfect the performances, each song uses a different tuning on the kit, different bass amp, pickup settings, and pedal chains, so there's a bit of time between song takes, which are being for either urination or rehearsal (in the small guitar room).

It is a strange kind of exhausting, this process. I'm so drained at the end of the day that I can barely make myself cookies. It's an exhaustion that feels deeper than any that comes from physical labor - it's entirely emotional. It leaves me very raw... I remember feeling it just as loudly when I was recording A Bullet, A Lever, A Key. I know what it is: it's putting my baby in the hands of other people. It's really hard for me. I know if I could play all the parts myself, I would - people will never care about your songs as much as you do, they simply can't, they didn't birth them. That being said, Scott and Rufus (bass and drums, prospectively) are absolutely murdering their parts (I meant that in the hip hop sense). Here's a high point of today's sesh:


slapbaker88 said...

wow (tear)... that was good... My day has meaning now

bcaL said...

a new frontier in sampling has been discovered!!! quick, someone get me a sack of potatoes and a potato gun.

Man-Made Mammon said...

The look on duke's face as he prepares to hit the tom with his pumpkin.

It's surprising that he doesn't seem totally sure that it's a joke, even as he puts it between the hi-hat(s?).

Is this for the "Zombie" album? Or is that already like 5 albums ago?

Andy said...

haha... hey rufus im gonna make sure mike bernier sees that one.

Justin said...

If only you guys had explored just a little more, the acoustics from inside the pumpkin are absolutely beautiful.