Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Focus the Nation Theme Song

Tomorrow is the huge Focus the Nation Symposium on college campuses nationwide. They've been working on this forever, and it finally comes to fruition tomorrow. It recently got props from Woody Harrelson, Governor Ahnold, Obama, and a whole mess of important people. The reason I mention it is that I wrote their theme song a while back for a promotional video - here it is for your listening pleasure. It's possible that millions of youths may hear it tomorrow. Weird, huh?

I gave up political rap a few years back, but this seemed like a worthy cause to get ol' LiberalCaz out of the closet:
Gavin Castleton - Focus The Nation theme


Lola said...

I got chills!

I finally figured out how to link you in my blog!!! So I did.

Anonymous said...

just stumbled across this. You did a fantastic job. you have some really good lines in there.