Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 9: String Sessions

On Friday Rob Pemberton and I had the good pleasure of recording strings at Zippah Studios in Boston, MA. Cellist Jeremy Harman, violist Russell Wilson, and violinist Fung Chern Whei toiled for 10 hour straight to complete the 10 tracks that feature a quartet (double bass is being recorded in a separate session). It was a small miracle that we got through all the charts, and I didn't get nearly as much footage as I would've liked (many of the takes on this video are not the final takes), but all said and done it was a very satisfying experience. They played beautifully.


Nick said...

Now I'm pissed that I don't have this album right this second... Do you know how to bend the time/space continuum? If yo do that would be great! But I guess I'll have to wait (insert angry face here)

But seriously the work in progress sounds awesome.

I think I'll be pretty satisfied when the time comes to pop in the new compact disc!

Man-Made Mammon said...

This is still for "Home", right?

Or have you already moved on from that?

Either way, sounds dope.

Happen to have heard the new Kayo Dot record? Some good brass/wind arrangements on there.

Also, is FTLOP ever getting released for realz, or was that a limited time only thing?

Gerhard said...

When?!? When can I own this?