Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mixing References

thought somebody might find this amusing... this is the mix CD I made for Rob Pemberton to prep him for our rigorous mixing schedule:
DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like Pt. 4 (for bass tones in track 9)
The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (for bass and guitar tones in tracks 2 and 10, and general mix)
Jeff Beck - Led Boots (for drum tones in track 8 and 11)
D'Angelo - Chicken Grease (for bass and drum tones in track 4)
Massive Attack - Angel (for drums and general mix in track 7)
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (for mix, guitar tone and general attitude in track 5)
Portishead - Glory Box (for guitar tone in tracks 4, 10, and 11)
Spoon - You Got Your Cherry Bomb - (for guitar, drums and bass tones in track 2 hooks)
Amy Winehouse - Rehab (for female vocal mix and drum tones in track 2)
Magnet - On Your Side (for male vocal mix and general mix)
Goblin - L'alba dei Morti Viventi (for track 1, 6, and 13 and general vibe)
Mars Volta - Eriatarka (for ballistics in track 9)
Billy Joel - Movin' Out (for drum tones in track 1, 8, and 11)
Ratatat - Seventeen Years (guitar tones in track 5, 6, and 12, and attitude of the track 5 hooks)
Queen - Death on Two Legs (vocal mixing and guitar tone in track 5 and 10)

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