Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's the Haps

I was stressed these last few days...
because the money is gone.
because my son is on the other side of the country.
because I have no car on this coast.
because I have no home or food on this coast.
because I'm behind schedule with this album.
because my cel phone expired.

But like a pollen storm it hit me square in the nose this morning:
I'm sleeping in a mixing studio,
and I'm waking up to the massive sounds that I've amassed these last two years
holding hands with each other and bobbing in time to my tempo,
exactly where I commanded them to bob. I'm hearing each instrument find it's home in the heavily populated neighborhood of each song that was once born in my head.
I'm thirty years old and I'm doing exactly the thing that makes me happiest in life.
At the end of each day I fall into bed (or couch, as the case seems to be) exhausted but full, as if every last cell was put to work.

How many people can say that?


David said...

Hey Gavin,

I first saw you at a show in Northern VA with Facing New York. At the show you gave me a free CD and since then I've been a fan. Keep doing what you are doing. This post sums up so much about life and makes me feel like someone on this earth can appreciate what they should. Good luck with everything


Anonymous said...

good for you!

Meagan said...

This makes me happy. Hang in there.

Jay said...

It's such an inspiration to me, how much you stay devoted to music and you find happiness from doing what you love. and i think that's what makes your music awesome, its very honest. Even in a stressful living situation, you're sticking with it and while it must suck, it's cool to see someone standing for something worthwhile.

I think it's the hardest thing in the world for people to be honest, which is why most art sucks. some artists are good at faking it, and make a lot of money faking it, but to people who really put thought into it and look for more in music than masturbation, music like yours really connects with them.

Your solo work, ebu gogo, and gruvis have really helped me through a lot. and not totally in the way of relating to the words, but just the way the music is performed. The attitude, the simple joy of making it. I think people like ebu gogo so much because they can see and hear that you guys are just having a lot of fun (trust me, you got some fans at that party who were the last people i expected to dig that music). And that has helped me because it makes me want to play, and keep writing, and not like i have to sell out or make a certain type of music. i always used to feel like i needed certain things in song when i was younger and it sucked.

I know i don't understand your living situation, and i may never, but it's just cool to see you doing what you're doing and ill take seeing you or ebu gogo a million times over seeing some big stadium show with crazy lights.

Eric said...

Major props, Gavin. The West Coast is waiting. . .

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Son Gavin,
So good to read your happiness, your poetry, and your epiphany. The glass is more than half full - again.


Lorna said...

Eric and I are convinced that you're future is here and this is an album well worth waiting for and worth all your sacrfices. Who needs money anyway, as long as you can sleep, eat and shower on occasion. Stability is overrated.
We love you-and not in the teeny-bopper-fan sort of way.

gray said...

I dont know many people who can say that. I feel forunate to have watched you build cardboard robots years ago and strongly appreciate and support everything that you do.