Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Great White Whale

I've just posted a new song on my myspace page that is rather special, I think. It is part of a two-song 7" record that will be released on July 21st in the UK. It marks several firsts: my first vinyl release, my first UK release, my first collaboration with a group outside of the US, and the first time I've said one of my sisters' names in a song lyric (sans that one rowdy hit song I wrote for Lorna's wedding that has remained unpublished due to the lack of amusement it garnered from the groom's family and my own grandparents that one fateful day).

The music was provided by this wonderful band Stateless (whose album is amazing) and I wrote and performed the lyrics. Lyrically it depicts a scene from my youth that I still remember very clearly and I think stands as an interesting metaphor for our father's relationship with us and how his behavior may have affected the various religious paths of my three siblings and myself.

The other song on the record is an aggressive rap song in which a plane crash is used as an analogy for a long day at work. Both will be available at on the 21st, and digitally I'm sure through the regular channels.


Meagan said...

Glad I have the honor of being the 1st sister named in a song, but I really don't remember Lorna's wedding song being that shocking to people...

Eric said...

It's not that it was shocking it was more that having the status quo of the no-nonsense crowd lampooned, albeit rather lightheartedly, was not too comfortable for them.