Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Micropoem: The 40th Hour Mixing Track 2 of Home

more calm than a club before it opens
more focused than a birthing canal
more precise than Egyptian stone


Lorna said...

more sad than Lumas lamenting you absense

Anonymous said...

Gavin, stay with us here. Get some sleep. Birthing canals are not sentient and thus can not focus. The most prominent Egyptian stone - the Rosetta stone - was not exactly precise; it took centuries to decipher.

Anonymous said...

But isn't the canal's most trill preoccupation that deciding moment of dilation...that focus!? I think when the gennies are flexed by the womern's determination, that animates the 'jyne with sentient qualities. About the stones.. he is prolly referring to Ramses, and not Rosetta. His stones were so precisely stacked, not even a molecule could fit betwixt the crax and limestone grout.