Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A couplet from each song on Home

"I feel so little on the inside but
my skin is persistently life-size."
"Love with us was such a waking up
warm and foggy as a coffee mug"
War Paint:
"our lips crushed like armies
under the rule of two love-consumed enemies"
Sugar on the Sheets:
"these toes are hungry like new baby birds
uncurled to feed from my mothering lips"
"the living braid of two hearts in the shade of youth
why would you ever untether this parachute?"
The Wall Starts To Give:
"I know you don't believe in God
but I do, and he's not here with us"
"but you are just a blank, frozen in your seat
eyes of a lemur, ghostly as teeth"
Unparallel Rabbits:
"there is no greater pain than the misaligned break
the varied healing tempos of the giver and the take"
Red + Blue = Yella:
"I see blue for a second just before the second wave falls through
and it's the only sky I've seen since we made the barricade of dog food"
"I taste sulfur smoking upwards
whirling towards my loose teeth"
"What about your Lu?
What's a son to do?"
The Human Torch:
"it's a tree house some where, we're a jungle affair
with a porcupine fence and we're so present tense"
"you lied about the way this went
you're stepping in your wet cement"


Gerhard said...

Enough! I can't take it anymore!! Just give me the album! I'm seriously loosing sleep at this point.

hofee said...

You're being a sadist, Gavin!!!

Lorna said...

love it. But you know that.

Erin said...

Nice choices!