Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The first single from my Home album is available now on iTunes. It's called "Unparallel Rabbits" and it's track 9 on the album. Because we selected a single that is decidedly unsexy and not conducive to partying, we enlisted the help of NY electronica geniuses The Overclock Orchestra to remix the legendary Gruvis Malt dance hit "Since 1968" (about a four-legged zombie that is undefeated at the annual Monster Dance Party) for your listening pleasure (also available on iTunes).
For a free listen, you can hear Unparallel Rabbits on my myspace page and the Overclock remix of Since 1968 on the Overclock myspace page. I would advise you to discover the magical new Overclock Supercommuter EP, available at iTunes here and as hi-fi DRM-free download here --- it's magnif!
Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

loving both. but thought 1968 would be a bit different, i thought remix would have been a bit more 'remixed'.

? said...

Congrats on the new tracks and hitting up Rcrdlbl.com. Can't wait for the rest of the album.

Anonymous said...

I met you last night at Club Hell, but regardless of whether you remember or not I greatly appreciate the brief conversation. You spoke as someone who truly cares about the music you're involved in and I can't describe how great it was to witness you, Justin, and Chase in person. The Ebu Gogo set was unreal. Thank you so much. I'm a richer person having heard it.