Monday, October 6, 2008

Work Update

Couple things to put out there:
1) I'm working on vocals for tracks with Zach Lipkins, and remixes for Meiko, that face on myspace that won't leave you alone. Inbetween that and designing promotional material for Home, I'm working on new arrangements for some songs from Home so I can play them as just voice and piano.
3) I guess most importantly, we will be releasing the first single from Home on 10/28, just in time to play it at your Halloween party. If the composition makes you uncomfortable, then you can just play the b-side, A RIDICULOUS GRUVIS MALT REMIX BY MY MANS BRIAN CASS AND ROB PEMBERTON. These men dropped a dance remix of Since 1968 that is unbearably sexy, and so it is the perfect warm-up for Brian's upcoming record which is about robot goblins.
B) I'm doing 5 shows in LA this week solo style. Well not quite solo - my good friend Doug Showalter will be sitting in on a few songs on guitar, and the wondrous vocalist from my new album Home is rumored to be appearing as well. I'm very excited to return to The Hotel Cafe on the 9th, and play some new spots as well. My good friends Facing New York are dropping the hard copy of what may be my favorite record of 2007, Get Hot, on the 10th at the Troubadour. I'm opening the show with a solo set, and then will possibly get shreddist on a few of their hits. Also while there, I'll be doing a very gruesome photo shoot with this man and this woman. I can't really reveal too much except to say I had to find bails of hay on Craig's List.
2) After that I'm going back east for 2.5 weeks for a run down to FL and back with Ebu Gogo. Dates will be on my page shortly. I would advise anyone in the area to attend those shows, as there will not be more.
F) My For the Love of Pete album will be released in Japan on Sideout Records on Nov. 18th. The secret B-side, a studio version of this song is available for streaming on my myspace page.


Anonymous said...

wha-what? no more ebu?

? said...

How in the hell am I supposed to catch your Connecticut show if I'm playing a show the same night. Come on man.