Thursday, February 12, 2009

Humble Request

My new album "Home" will be released tomorrow, Friday the 13th, on iTunes. For months now Five One Inc., the tiny Japanese label that is helping me release the album has pushed really hard for media publicity, and though the album has received some really good publicity from a few select sources (thanks Purevolume, KCRW, etc.), we're finding that most press and radio folk say they like it, find it interesting, and have absolutely no idea what to do with an album like this. On the whole, that makes me happy because it confirms my suspicion that the album is somewhat original in its approach, but I find myself in the same position I've always been in regards to promotion: asking you to help me.
You have always understood my music long before the tastemakers in this industry (who still confuse me with Gavin DeGraw), and it's only you who make it financially feasible for me to continue making music. So if you have a minute, and feel strongly about my music, please consider visiting, the street team site for Home, and throwing up the little profile image on your page, or a banner if you can spare the space on your page/site. If you'd like to help even more magnanimously, you can add that profile as a friend and the tiny Japanese man at Five One will contact you about other areas we could really use your help with.
Please forgive my incessant plugging of the iTunes link in these next few days, I must do so in hopes that anyone who is interested in the album might log on right in time to catch it.
Thank you thank you thank you and thanks be unto you
Gavin Castleton


The God Of Biscuits said...

I cannot wait for this album to release. I have listened to the full stream like 30 times already. i'm telling anyone who will listen to go pick up a copy!! All of the best to you, sir. You surely deserve it! Cheers!

Man-Made Mammon said...

How hard is it to recognize Stampete as a fucking wall-to-wall banger?

Steve said...

maybe the people at pitchfork can get their heads out of their asses and review it...

#. said...

Done. Looking forward to the physical copy.
Good luck!