Monday, February 2, 2009

Track 11, Video T

Today I've posted track 11 from Home, "Red + Blue = Yella." This episode takes place right after Unparallel Rabbits. Here is the description:
As if in slow motion, I begin to make my way out of the pile of fallen bodies, slipping in blood. I am somewhat hypnotized by the small patch of sky I can see through the hatch. I make a break for the front door but several of them have already made their way over there. I lob cans of tuna at them and find myself momentarily blinded by the blood spurting forth from their face-craters. Disoriented, I must either break out of the store or go further into it (i.e. the backroom). "To help me decide - a gash in my thigh."

Since it's Double Bonus Monday, here is some footage of my man Brian from The Overclock Orchestra working with Rob and I in the studio. You can get his amazing EP here.


Anonymous said...

i refuse to listen to warpaint again. the song is frighteningly good.

Cory said...

I'm listening to the album for the third time in a row now on Rhapsody. It's freakin' incredible. It really is.