Saturday, March 14, 2009

Providence to SXSW

About to leave for my first tour with a live band in 2 years or something. I'm stretched very thin financially and emotionally with the cross-continent rehearsals and preparations for SXSW. I'm excited to play songs that I've never played live (both from Home and from my other records), but after SXSW and NY and Avis car rentals, I'm pretty sure I'll want to go to a barren area, get in a dirt hole and call it a day, Saddam style.

Here's the "tour":
Mar 14 - West Side Arts Gallery in Providence, RI
10pm, $5, all ages

Mar 15 - NEED A SHOW IN ROANOKE, VA email me if you can help
Mar 16 - Club 527 in Murfreesboro, TE
10pm, w/ Word Up and Duperocho, $4 student/ $6 General
Mar 18 - Maggie Mae’s in the Les Paul room in Austin, Texas at 12:50 in the afternoon
Mar 18 - Prague (OFFICIAL SXSW SHOWCASE) in Austin, Texas at midnight

Mar 21 - NEED A SHOW IN AUSTIN OR DALLAS email me if you can help
Mar 22 - NEED A SHOW IN MEMPHIS OR NASHVILLE email me if you can help
Mar 23 - NEED A SHOW IN RICHMOND, BALTIMORE, OR DC email me if you can help
Mar 24 - Googies Lounge (The Living Room upstairs) in NYC
Mar 25 - UMass Dartmouth CVPA (Group 6) Room 104 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts
w/ Something About Horses, Survival of the Physicist, Ploy $8 students/$10 general


Maren B said...

I'm psyched for you. Hope everything goes well and you get some good recordings of live "HOME" songs to bring back to Portland. Keep us updated.

md imaging said...

May I just say how delighted I was to hear Exit Strategy last night. I never got to hear any Gruvis material live because I found out about them too late. It's a really pretty song and the rest of your set was great as well. Great job.

Cory said...

I hope the people of Mur-freeze-boro (don't let the slack-jawed yokels convince you it's pronounced any other way) were good to you. I won't mention that thing that you said not to mention, but I will say that it's frikin' sweet.

Better Days said...

Mur-freeze-boro absolutely loved it. Just to confirm. Hope that you can come through and perform again sometime in the near future.