Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This morning we got up at 7am (after a single full-band rehearsal from 10-1 last night) to load-in to the KCRW studio and perform live on Morning Becomes Eclectic. I have been struggling with my LA cough (which can only be defeated with antibiotics upon departing LA), so there is some footage of me chomping cough suppressants and desperately chugging hot water with honey. I was joined by the lovely Lauren Coleman (who sang on Home), the lanky Doug Showalter, the masculine Omar Cuellar, and the edgy Bana Haffar. I've never played that early in the morning, but KCRW's compassionate staff made us feel so home-ly, and I'm very grateful to them. It's very hard for me to perform under a microscope, but we enjoyed our time there very much.


md imaging said...

Wow, you guys all sound awesome! The cameraman sure doesn't love Douglas or Bana though, they are only shown like three times and once.

Maren B said...

It was AWESOME. Congestion and all.

Dan said...

love your falsettos..
you're looking good, man, you look like your beggining to find your place, and get comfortable in it.
I'm really happy for your growing success, keep it up. Wish I could be part of something like this.