Thursday, August 13, 2009

Holey Tour!

So my big fall US tour with Gardening, Not Architecture is halfway booked, and progressing quickly. Here are the list of dates/towns where we are struggling to secure a show. If you know anyone in those towns that could help, please hit me up (gavin at

Sept 21 - Southern CA
Sept 22 - Santa Barbara, CA
Oct 3 - Seattle, WA
Oct 9 - Boseman, MT
Oct 10 - Bismarck, ND
Oct 11 - Minneapolis, MN
Oct 19 - Dallas, TX
Oct 20 - Jackson, MS
Oct 22 - Atlanta, GA
Oct 29 - Philadelphia, PA
Oct 30 - NYC
Nov 6 - Ithaca, NY
Nov 10 - Denver, CO

I will be touring with a trio, playing some new joints and a lot of songs from Home. You can read more about the tour and see the other show dates here.

1 comment:

Steve said...

I am starting to panic, I no longer see DC on the tour list?