Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newy Newness on the Music Tip

Arright, so just because I'm in the trenches, shoveling our funk mess to the 4 people in each town that can scrape together $5, eating Subway for both meals/day, hitting the blood bank (in the morning) and sperm bank (in the evening) in every town to pay my musicians, doesn't mean I can't drop some newy newness on that bumcrack.

My new Random Anthems EP drops TODAY on iTunes! Three, count 'em, THREE new hit songs to flip your flip phone. And then, as if that weren't already a broverload, you can now listen to the Director's Commentary for Home on my award winning, M Ward spinning website: gavincastleton.com

Our tour with Taking Back Sunday starts next week, and after that, we hit New England finally. Don't make me bug you about when I'll be playing your town, bug yourself by subscribing to my email list. I won't blast you very often, promise. If you don't make it out for this tour, that's that mattress man. I can't really afford to do this again - thanks America!

PS. I apologize for the tone of this post, it's stupid. But what do you want, I'm in Madison, WI.


Steve said...

for the love of god are you coming anywhere near dc?

md imaging said...

Great EP, bought it and love it.

Cory said...

Holy crap. The second verse of coffeelocks really does sound like Donkey Kong.

Mike said...

I was walking by a Hollister store in the mall and heard Coffeelocks blasting in their soundsystem. It was weird.