Monday, December 7, 2009

My looping cover of Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer

We played this song a bunch on tour and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make a video of the solo version. It was a four day process; programming, rehearsing, shooting and then editing the video, and in the end I would've liked to do it with more than 2 cameras and in a bigger room so that it is more apparent what exactly is going on... but basically it's a beast of a memory game, hitting all the cues with two keyboards and two midi controllers. I did maybe 36 or 37 takes, and this was the best of them. I don't ever want to play this song again now.

"Gavin Castleton performs a bedroom version of his "Sledgehammer" cover using Ableton Live 8, an FCB1010 midi foot controller, an M-Audio Trigger Finger, a Wurlitzer 200A eletric piano, and a Roland JP8000. All effecting (including the vocoder which is being fed from a vocal delay aux send and the JP8000) is done in Ableton. The audio was outsourced to another computer and multi-tracked for a much improved final mix. Due to a total lack of budget (only 2 "cameras"), there are shots of earlier takes mixed in with the final take footage."

If you enjoy it, share it with your friends.


hevans said...

A one-man band....nice!

Alex McCurdy said...

GC's Sledgehammer > PG's Sledgehammer

md imaging said...

Going to have to agree with Alex McCurdy.

aw3sk3r said...

Gavin, you've come a long way since G.M. and Subgenius... Keep up the great work