Monday, March 8, 2010


While preparing for this west coast tour in April (much of which I'm still struggling to lock down) and wrapping up my demos for a new album, I've managed to distract myself with a few creative endeavors. One is this quick video I made for a cover I was tinkering with of a Kelli Schaefer song:

Another distraction is a work of fiction I'm currently publishing on Twitter. As a little background to that project:
I was getting bummed out about Twitter in general, because to me it embodied everything that is really annoying about social networking, namely an excess of useless drivel and extreme narcissism. Every day I get blasted with promotions of one type or another, and at first that seemed like all it was good for (or at least that's all I was doing with it). So I set about trying to change my perspective on it... looking at its limitations and functionality as parameters within which to cultivate something creative instead of rage against.
I post a new piece of this story every day at noon. When it's done, I'll try another one with a different approach. Maybe it will inspire more artistic uses of these networks to balance out the marketing blitz, and I won't have to move into the mountains afterall.


Anonymous said...

I love the cover. I'll have to check her out...

patient renter said...

That Kelli Schaefer cover is fantastic! More of this!