Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I want to take a second to thank these families/friends/couples that hosted us on the last two tours - the generosity and hospitality of these people were essential to our survival and we owe them a great deal of thanks:

Mr. Torres (and his amazing night club in Seattle)
Dori Busath and cubs in Seattle
Brent in Spokane
Tyson and The Bouquet in Boise
the Busath families in SLC and Provo
Phil and Maya in Tempe
the Pham family in San Jose

Madison Drive in Tacoma
Erin Muir in Portland, OR
Chrissy in Eugene
Matt and Staff in Redding
the lovely Herrera Family in Elk Grove
the Tarver family in Fresno
Kenji Kawaguchi in Santa Monica
Kate & Kevin in San Luis Obispo
the Brinkerhoffs in Portland, OR
Sara Cornis in Arlington, WA
Bill Powers in Spokane
The Teddy Holidays in St. Paul
Emma Drennan in La Crosse
Flights in Madison
Jesse Eichorn in Chicago
Ari Gordon in St. Louis
Karalyn Holt in Tulsa
Grant & Sarah in Austin
Arien Gray in Houston
Josh Jernigan in Murfreesboro
Ben Ging in Chattanooga
the Kerr family in Erie
Taking Back Sunday
Mike Begley in Portland, ME
Mike K. in Nyack
Dr. Lowe in Warwick
the Family Von Stemme in Lincoln
Dave and Anna Sweeny in Philadelphia
Tobias Russell in Annapolis
Kevin and Kara Brawley in Charlotte
The Pirate house in Norman
Asperkourt in Albuquerque
Bill and Josh and Denver


Meagan said...

We were more than happy to have you!

Better Days said...

Any time, sir.