Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hymn 3: Dialysis in G Minor

I rode to the third floor
with more than a cart full
the sign on the front desk
filled my heart full
of love

it's a frog on a clothesline
below it says, "Hang in there, you'll be just fine"
"It's so true," I tell Doris but she just stares
so I hustle down the hall
with the one thing that God sent to help them cope
and I sing this prayer for the sick as I bring them hope:

"Lord you've blessed me
with your love
so I will care for
every bag of blood"

parked in the hall
across from Supplies
was the tiniest bed
with tubes in the side

and the parents were there
but the boy was still scared
with a tube in each limb
I could see through his skin

so I leaned over him
held his tiny hands and said
"God wants you back."

"Lord you've blessed me
with your love
so I will carry
all this blood."

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