Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hibernatal video and East Coast tour

I present to you another video from my Utah shoot with Richard Busath - this one a live performance of Hibernatal from my 2007 release, For the Love of Pete:

In slightly bigger news, the Universe keeps trying to tell me to stop touring, but I'm real stubborn-like... Always have been. Here's a very rough sketch of what we will attempt in the fall, in our trusty minivan Brett Michaels, no less:

9/24/10 Nampa, ID
9/25/10 Salt Lake City, UT
9/26/10 Boulder, CO
9/27/10 Omaha, NE
9/28/10 Chicago, IL
9/29/10 Ithaca, NY
9/30/10 Portland, ME
10/1/10 Boston, MA
10/2/10 New Bedford, MA
10/3/10 New England
10/4/10 New England
10/5/10 New England
10/6/10 New England
10/7/10 Baltimore, MD
10/8/10 NYC
10/9/10 Providence, RI
10/12/10 Pittsburgh, PA
10/13/10 Columbus, OH
10/14/10 Kansas City, KS
10/15/10 Denver, CO
10/16/10 Provo, UT
10/17/10 PDX

If you have any interest in helping us set up a good show in or around any of these areas, we could very much use your help! More so, If you attend college in any of these areas, please understand that it is entirely possible to help us play your school and sleep in your room with you. Looking at you.
Please don't hesitate to contact me: gavin at

We are making arrangements to bring the lovely songstress Lex Land with us to serenade you every night on some or all of the dates, and allow us the pleasure of serving as her backing band. If that works out, we hope to play many songs from Home that we never have the luxury of playing.


hevans said...

Glad to see Chicago has made the list!

Calvin said...

what she said. i'll see if we can bring you to depaul.

Anonymous said...

will any of the new england dates be boston??

hevans said...

Calvin, let me know if you need any help.

Anonymous said...

bullshit, do you hate michigan? You got a lot of fans here, show some appreciation