Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Won Over Frequency" Album update #3

Brian Cass and Rob Pemberton are wrapping up final mixes for this new album, and I'm making the plans for mass production and world domination. You can pre-order the new album directly from me now if you like getting special limited edition goodies in the mail and hate giving money to big corporations.
Here's a video from the studio sessions I did a few weeks ago:

And here's a little fraction of the album cover, painted by the incredible Aaron Nagel:

Hope to have a hit song for you to hear very very soon.

Also, the album I mixed and produced last year with Brian Cass for vocalist Blak (singer of One Drop, The Goods, and his project with Joe Beats) is now available for free streaming in its entirety at Seven of the nine tracks were written by myself and Blak, some dating back as far as 2004. It's been a long time coming, and it was a giant effort on everyone's part, so give it a listen.

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Maren B said...

I am so ready to hear your non-stop hits.