Monday, October 25, 2010

Monster Dance Jam for your Halloween Party

It's that time of year... you've picked out your slutty penguin costume, you've selected a shocking theme (Pimps vs. Ethnic Cleansers) and managed to inject concentrated alcohol into fruit snacks that were designed for no such thing. Now you're putting together the dance mix of the century and you realize your options are Thriller and Monster Mash (you have of course forgotten that I released an entire Zombie opera only a year and half ago). Here's a deep-in-the-pants remix of a Gruvis Malt track from the hefty Overclock Orchestra:

Since 1968 - Overclock Orchestra Remix on Gavin Castleton's Soundcloud Channel

You can purchase it and add it to your madness here!

1 comment:

Ashley Allen said...

You were wrong. I'm a slutty tavern wench. Not even close.