Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Killer's Blood

Don't know how I got here
I can't find a way out
I'll live through tomorrow
If I can kill tonight
I'm low on life
but I can still get high on Killer's Blood
Killer's Blood

Not for drugs or money
not for sex and love
I'm hailing down on heaven
from my hell above
it's napalm on the brain and in my vein it's Killer's Blood
Killer's Blood

I know there's a story line that I'm supposed follow
but structure in destructiveness - that makes no sense at all
it's payback for the way that I've been cut down every single day
when they
they better do it right:
Scorch the earth,
black and white,
slow mo dying,
Five-star crime:
it's a sure sign of Killer's Blood
Killer's Blood!

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