Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Light Like Yours

Here's another video from my Utah shoot with Richard Busath. This is the second track from Travelight, my upcoming children's album, and it features my incredibly talented cousin Seth Castleton on cello.

There was a star caught down in the drain
caught up in the hair and the slime and muck
it tried to shoot out but its tail got stuck
I tried not to hear, but it was screaming my name

So I got a hammer and I shattered the tub
smiled down on my star from a few feet above
I reached out my hand but the star was afraid
it hadn't seen light like the light of the day...
a light like mine.

Then inch by inch,
up the pipe
it moved.
Up and out,
above my house
we flew.

All around my little town we flew,
my star amazed by this new shade of blue.
We headed towards the moon.

Look for your star
wherever you are
it's calling your name
way down in a drain
and you've got to help this star by yourself.
It's not that hard to help a star:
up the spout
you can shine it out
with a light like yours.

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Lena said...

nice song, thanks guys!