Monday, December 27, 2010

7,932 Miles in Eight Minutes: Photo-documentation of 25 Days on Tour

Few people realize that in addition to being a phenomenal drummer, Javier "Habeeb" Torres has a keen eye for photography. He's quick to discount his abilities, but this collection of images from our last tour in October with Happy Body Slow Brain and Lex Land clearly demonstrates a knack for artistic documentation.

To be sure this montage is incomplete; you won't find much evidence of many of the more pivotal moments --- getting paid $17 in CT (to split amongst six people), losing a transmission on the way to Philadelphia, an impromptu Disturbed cover with "Meow" rapping, a couple getting engaged during a bungled performance of Hibernatal in Providence --- or even my band itself performing every night (since Javier was on stage at the time). But what this video does document is the notion of constants within an ever-changing landscape: music, food, equipment, the van, pets, and most importantly, friends.

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Lorna C said...

Very cool.