Wednesday, August 10, 2011

to my son.

Here are scraps of songs that don't want to come out:


Thomas said...

So sorry, Gavin. It was always obvious how much you cared for Lumas. I can't imagine how you must feel, I know animals become more than pets, they become family. I'm sure he lived a very happy life with you as his 'father,' and I'm sure he's resting well. Don't beat yourself up, either. From all your lyrics, since the Gruvis days, your love for him was apparent, I have no doubt that you did everything in your power to keep him happy & healthy, it was his time. I wish you comfort as you grieve. Sorry if I sound too personal or creepy, but I've been such a fan for so long I guess I've formed my own relationship with you through your music, and I really feel for you, and I hope this message can bring you a fraction of the comfort that your music has brought me.

Farewell, Lumas, I know you shall rest in peace.

Amanda Anne said...

Gavin, as usual your way with music/words is an art and brought me to tears - thinking about my first 'baby' who was only with us for a few years. They live in our hearts,Lumas will be remembered and loved through your music.
Much love and wishing you well.
Amanda M.

Anonymous said...

there are so many things to say, anecdotes to give, warm sentiments to convey to you that i might actually understand what it is you are going through. the reality is, that i don't.
unlike i haven't had the opportunity to share myself with an animal and grow a bond as strong as the one you did with lumas. after seeing you, i hope to acquire that at least once in my life.

that, said - both your well articulated prose as well as these songs have seriously impacted me.120 pedals alone inspired me to listen to Recall as many times as I could. It's almost a new emotion, if i hadn't already seen it in another fashion when my sister's dog passed away. i believe you have a lot to be proud of, for several years you changed the life of one dog and enriched it with something great and i guess that would be the dynamic of your own life. I imagine that wherever Lumas is now, he is more than content with every decision you ever made for/with him.

i hope that this is not too bold of a statement.

i'm sorry for your loss again and i hope you can find it in yourself to finish the great things you have started here.

Patrick said...

Gavin, I am also so sorry about Lumas. My friend and I got to see him at one of your shows and it was my best memory of the night. After seeing all of your pictures of him and hearing his presence in many of your songs over the years, it was really cool to be in the same room as the both of you. You're not alone, all of us fans are right there with you.