Saturday, April 3, 2004

FL Solo Tour Diary #3

The show at the Social was magnanimous! What luck to be on one of the biggest bills to hit Orlando in years. The Nature Kids are a legend there, and they've been broken up for several years. They reunited to play this benefit for Mor, who the feds were trying to expel from this good land. The Spitvalves, Gargamel, my boys One Drop, and Grand Buffet also played. I was definitely the odd man out stylistically, but all the bands were familiar with GrĂ¼vis Malt and treated me with more respect and comradery than I deserved. I played my favorite set of the tour, limited glitches. One Drop was fantastic - very powerful new material. And Grand Buffet delivered what I deemed to be their best and worst show that I've ever seen. Grunge was so drunk that he spent most of the time yelling profanity at Jackson and trying to rip his wife beater off. They did a version of In The Name of Love over the Ghostbusters theme, a pairing that no one would suspect could work so well. Nature Kids were a phenomenon unto themselves. Pot-bellied trucker-looking Troy naked and thrusting unsheathed genitals to the rap metal beats. I just stared, but Orlando was like, "yeah and?"

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