Monday, April 5, 2004

FL Solo Tour Diary #4

The whole posse went out to see Hellboy. The movie was horrible. Complete waste of money. I refrained from kicking up the elitist conversation because I just wanted to forget the whole ordeal as soon as possible, and we went home to eat a huge fantabulous meal that our hostess Heather and her sister prepared for the hordes. We watched too much TV, then stayed up trying to think of something witty to do. Grunge and I spent an hour trying to hook up the DVD player while Jackson marveled at the 80s videos on VH1 at 4am. On Monday, almost as a result of the butchery she enacted upon my lovely locks with a faulty set of clippers, Mor and I drove Jenny to the airport. Later that night I performed one last show at the Backbooth for the electronica night. It was a "throwaway" show, but I somehow ended up headlining, and getting an encore (for the 15 or so people left in the room). I made a looser set, I took out the heavy stuff, and put in Terminals, which worked fine, despite having never been rehearsed. I also beatboxed to kill time. Stupid stupid.

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