Wednesday, June 1, 2005

GC / One Drop Tour Diary #3

I'm in South Carolina somewhere at the moment, sleeping on someone's nice leather couch. Woke up sticky cause it was HOTlanta (not mylanta) and we drove through the night from Hotlanta to arrive at this mystery location at 8am. The One Drop guys are from FL so they faint at the slightest hint of a breeze. Feel weird. Like there's both a lot to say and a little. I guess I could start with the show last night. We got this grimey place Lenny's at 3 in the afternoon or something. Rehearsed a bit and kind of milled around. We're working out crappier version of Why Wake Up and Ransom so that I can minimize my tipsy solo set. I have done a 20-30 minute set a few times on this tour, but mostly have avoided it. I had a bad set in NY, a bad set in VA, and the others were just tolerable. Bored with the looping pedal/beatbox/stuff, and people seem utterly confused by my children's songs or whatever else I throw in. I guess I'm confused by them too, and that's why I'm losing confidence.
Looking for a new format.
I played a few hip hop tracks last night (it was Hip Hop Tuesday) and seemed to gain some ground with the audience until I slapped them in their hip hop hats with my raphand spoof "You Like My Raps." I don't know why I did that. I knew they didn't want their hip hop ridiculed, but I can only say so many rap words without some element of irony making its way to my lips. I don't know what's going on. I don't feel connected to anyone but myself on stage anymore, and I find myself enjoying the one drop/gavcaz set much more than mine (even if it's not exactly what I want to play) because my confidence is exponentially increased by 6 guys (or my embaressment is diluded and distributed amongst 6 guys, depending on these a-holes). You don't know you have that cushion until you go without it for a while.
This kind of information should probably just go in my journal but if I'm open source I'm open source, and I'm not going to puff my chest and "keep you outside the dome" in order to maintain record sales and fan-dom that, at this point, aren't flooding in anyway. Is this a man at the end of his wits or the beginning of them? I miss my room (with my flatscreen monitor and drumset), my dog, and my girl. I want to be recording right now. I'm excited to get down to FL where there is a monitor I can use and get back to work on the various projects of this month (one of which is with Soliloquists of Sound's mpc guru Divnci)
I'm not going to write any lyrics right now because I'm not going to write about bands, or the road, or how hard things are. I'm sure the insite is not invited at this point or needed. The only thing I've felt like writing about lately is zombies (the slow kind) and falling stars. I can't wait to get back to work on the GM album. I'm going to Guatemala in June for a while to get my head straight so I can finish this stuff.
My Robo-tech Gray and his homey came out from TN to hang with us before the show, and I thank them for making the trip. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, I was confused by the breakdancing and rap, but I hope you enjoyed the stuff and everyone thanks you for grabbing a copy of the new EP and eating fried chicken with us.

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