Monday, August 2, 2004

Live Performance with a Robot Band

For those who missed it (which is basically all of you - thanks), here is a glimpse of the magic that once was...

Everything is going according to plan...

"For the first time on earth - a live robot band."

We are truly jamming - me and my robot buddies.

Hanging out back stage.

Star Drummer 2000 tries to keep up with my chops.

Even with a robo-glare, I must continue rocking.

NASA makes crappy robots.

A rap battle of intergalactic proportions.

"You're a Will Smith bitch, I'm the Fresh Prince of Technology / so go back to Bel Air and take a get-off-my-dik class / I'm class A with the language, your words get a C++ / the wave of the future, it's humans you can't trust." This is my face as I get served by an android.

Humans and robots can co-exist, as long as they get their parts straight.

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