Saturday, September 8, 2007

GC / EC Tour Diary #1

It's day two of my tour with Eclectic Collective and we're in Pittsburgh. We played in NY last night and it was a strange show for me... I do a lot of rap on these shows... I think it's because there are black people in Eclectic Collective and I want them to like me. But I keep getting this weird feeling that dudes don't really wanna hear the story of my life, especially backwards, and over odd time signatures, if they have to listen to it while also trying to get a girl very drunk so she won't notice the ruffies cocktail he just planted on her. And girls don't want to hear it if it's coming out of the mouth of a sweaty dude with a mullet and sausage fingers. It's not that big of a deal, just a tad frustrating because I feel like there is a huge market for my work, but I can't seem to get them in one place. I can sea an ocean of them nodding their heads to my rapping... this is the profile:
-intensely obese
-3-7 years old
-ugly as sin
-strapped down in the clockwork orange chair

Any mis-marketting aside, I do have to say these Eclectic folk are instantly some of my favorite people. This week.

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