Friday, March 16, 2007

SXSW Diary #1

So I'm sitting in the trade show at SXSW in the Austin Convention Center to use their free internet. I'm two feet from a stage where this middle-aged couple is singing on a small stage about three feet from this laptop. We're making a lot of eye contact and the dude is giving me the "we-both-know-I'm-killin-it" face as he and the mandolin chick croon,
"My little girl's not a baby
time may go now maybe
I may not be superman
you may not hold my hand but know everything's alright
and I'll always hold you tight."

he just said
I wrote this song while we were touring around Ireland... you know
there's a lot of positivity in the world
despite the darkness, goodness always wins."
Crap, the tech dude just told me they were closing this station in 1 minute, so I don't really have time to explain why I wanna go home, I hate music, I hate bein a musician, and I'm ready to wrap dynamite around my waste and run into the nearest pop punk tent and end it all. But I guess that whole intro/scene set up should be a good indication of my motivation to do so.

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