Thursday, January 3, 2008

10 Lessons I Learned About Music, Business, and Life in 2007

1. Devon Sproule: A great musician can demonstrate the same beauty, dynamic, and emotion with a single instrument that they can with an entire orchestra.

2. Paul Curreri: The fastest way to improve a live performance is to actually learn your instrument.

3. The Bad Plus: The rarest element in modern music is an honest and palpable enjoyment of playing it.

4. Mark Donahue: Insecure musicians use compression where dynamics would suffice.

5. Sigur Ros: Knowing not to speak is far more important than knowing what to say.

6. Rob Pemberton: The best business model is a foundation of ability with walls of humility.

7. Ian Bahoroquez: Know what you're worth, and ask for that - no more, no less.

8. Mike Viele: The best way to get the best results in a production is to hire the right people and let them do their job.

9. My Mom: You don't owe the truth to those who punish you for telling it.

10. Me: There is no greater evil than lying to your own Heart.

As a side note: I saw two of the best performances I've ever seen in my entire life this year... one was The Bad Plus at the Regatta Bar, the other was Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri in a living room in Cambridge.


Dave Busath said...

Nice top ten.

Lorna said...

I enjoyed reading these, they were thoughtful. I'll have to listen to Devon Sproule a little more.

Eric said...

I'd like to ask you about some of these in our upcoming "interview". Sound good? -Eric