Monday, September 22, 2008

The Low Low Price of Parenthood

Finally back in Portland, I was blessed (or so I thought) with the assignment of watching my niece Eva for a few hours yesterday. It was cool for a while, but when I brought her to Target (to get an application) she just wanted to touch this and that. Ultimately, I felt like it was more than I'd bargained for, so I worked out a consignment thingie with one of the kids that works there.

I didn't feel right asking for full price, or even 50% off, because it's already been opened (and it had a poopy diaper), so I settled for 75% off. I knew that this would be a tough sell to my sister and her husband, so I prepared for them a graph that shows that even with only 25% of its net worth returned to them, they still make a profit and also it's easy to just make another one and next time try to keep it clean enough to get at least 50% returns.


Angeleenie said...

You don't need a job, if you negotiate a price for Eva
you're the broker. You can take a cut
and you might be able to negotiate a finder's fee out of Target as well.

Lorna said...

If you ever sell our kids, at least get full price for them.

Meagan said...

I take back my request for you to babysit Maddy over xmas...