Thursday, June 25, 2009


It pains me to admit that my touring activity in these summer months immediately following the most important record release of my life is the lowest it's been since I started touring in 1998. The reason is two-fold: 1) I am so broke that I can't do car insurance right now and 2) despite all my efforts, my label affiliation, my national distribution, and my 36 fans, I am still unable to procure the help of a reputable booking agent. It really bums me out. But through the deafening silence of industry folk a single truth is finding its way back to my ears: I can't expect other people to believe in me as much as I believe in myself.
So once again I am opting to book my own tour, and am forced to rely on you out there in bands (or dating someone in a band), or promoting shows, or on college entertainment boards to help me do this with minimal funds and without any corporate leverage. This is a sketch of how I wish it to go:
Wed Sept 9 Olympia, WA
Thu Sept 10 Seattle, WA
Fri Sept 11 Portland, OR
Sat Sept 12 Eugene, OR
Sun Sept 13 Redding/Chico CA
Mon Sept 14 North California
Tue Sept 15 North California
Wed Sept 16 Sacramento, CA
Thu Sept 17 North California or Reno, NV
Fri Sept 18 San Francisco, CA
Sat Sept 19 San Jose, CA
Sun Sept 20 Fresno, CA
Mon Sept 21 Lancaster or Palmdale or Canoga, CA
Tue Sept 22 Santa Barbara, CA
Wed Sept 23 Long Beach, CA
Thu Sept 24 Los Angeles, CA
Fri Sept 25 San Diego, CA
Sat Sept 26 Phoenix, AZ
Sun Sept 27 Flagstaff/Tucson, AZ
Mon Sept 28 Las Vegas, NV
Tue Sept 29 Las Vegas, NV
Wed Sept 30 Provo, UT
Thu Oct 1 Salt Lake City, UT
Fri Oct 2 SLC or Nampa or Boise, ID
Sat Oct 3 Boise, ID or Portland, OR
Sun Oct 4 Portland, OR


Wed Oct 7 NYC
Thu Oct 8 Nyack/Oneonta, NY
Fri Oct 9 Ithaca, NY
Sat Oct 10 Buffalo, NY
Sun Oct 11 Cleveland, OH
Mon Oct 12 Indianapolis, IN or Detroit, MI
Tue Oct 13 Chicago, IL
Wed Oct 14 Madison, WI
Thu Oct 15 St. Louis, MO
Fri Oct 16 Memphis, TN
Sat Oct 17 Dallas or Denton, TX
Sun Oct 18 Austin, TX
Mon Oct 19 Houston, TX
Tue Oct 20 Baton Rouge, LA
Wed Oct 21 New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA
Thu Oct 22 Birmingham, AL
Fri Oct 23 Atlanta, GA
Sat Oct 24 Charlotte or Greensboro, NC
Sun Oct 25 Richmond, VA or Washington DC
Mon Oct 26 Washington DC
Tue Oct 27 Baltimore, MD
Wed Oct 28 Annapolis, MD
Thu Oct 29 Philadelphia, PA
Fri Oct 30 Boston, MA
Sat Oct 31 Providence, RI
Sun Nov 1 Portland, ME
Mon Nov 2 UMASS
Tue Nov 3 Tewksbury, MA

if you can help put a show together in or around these towns, please contact me at gavin at If you just know the ideal venue for me, let me know.

If you can't put a show together but would like to help promote one of these shows, please add and drop us a message regarding which area you could help with!

I thank you and I hope you will come out and see me if I'm passing through, as I don't know how many more of these I can afford.


Anonymous said...

I got you my brother, I can see what i can do about booking a show with you down in Atlanta at The Vinyl or The Drunken Unicorn. i'll just yell my ass off at the heads down there.

On Ions said...

I feel your pain. If you want to travel a little further north in the midwest, I could get a show for you in Milwaukee.

Becky said...

The ball squeezing has begun, and it will not stop until you're thoroughly hooked up in L.A. (and, hopefully, beyond).