Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tour trio

This tour will be sick. 65+ days in almost every major city in America. Berklee non-grad Gray Robertson will be joining me on bass, and Eduardo Torres and Javier Torres will be trading off on drums. We're playing songs from Home as well as some unreleased hits. I'm not even mad if you miss this tour, I just feel bad for you.

I've got some new shirts too, one designed by Ebu Gogo graphic designer/drummer Brendan Bell. Peep them:


Allen said...

I wont be making it to the LA show which I'm bummed about... I have class that night.

But I will be traveling to San Luis Obispo to catch you the RX Bandits. Which I'm stoked about. That's not a 21 and over show though right?

YONIL said...

how do i get the top shirt?????

hevans said...

Is there any chance I can buy an Exposure t-shirt in a smaller size? I’d like to rock it proudly in the streets. If not, I’ll just buy a large and use it as a sleep shirt.