Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pre-order my New Album, Won Over Frequency

Here I am, nearing the end of production on my 10th solo record, Won Over Frequency, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that I will be releasing this record without label support. This is not worrisome, as I have been doing so since 1996, but the reason I'm coming to you for help is this: after the advancements I made with my last album, "Home," in regards to production value, I can't stand the idea of regressing and putting out an inferior sounding record. I think I can safely say that every solo record I've made sounds better than the one before it, and this one should be no different.

To date I've spent $3860 out of pocket. I've put together a bare-bones budget that will allow me to finish my new full-length album for far less than a major label record but without sacrificing any quality. Your donations will pay for a little bit of equipment, a little bit of musicianship, a little bit of studio rental time, and a lot of professional mixing and mastering. I have cut every other corner that I can: engineering most of the tracking sessions myself, editing everything before it reaches mixing, paying my musicians with burritos and false promises of fame and fortune.

If I'm able to make my Funding Goal of $4600, this album will be completed and released to the public just before my east coast tour that starts in September ( for dates). If I'm able to raise more than the Funding Goal, I will buy my musicians more burritos, and then spend the remainder on publicity to help spread the word about this new record.


Kathryn said...

Of course, I don't watch the video and suggest kickstarter and there you are. pssh posh. woopsee

Anonymous said...

I will donate IF !!!! you post production notes. I have always found them to be inspiring and you're one of the only people who has ever posted them.

help me help myself.

Anonymous said...

knee deep in debt...yet I support. Make it count GC.