Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Details about the pre-order process

I have reached my initial funding goal of $4600 (which is actually $4200 or so after the hefty Amazon/Kickstarter fees), thanks to the incredibly swift and generous contributions of 117 individuals! To anyone just now pre-ordering/contributing to my album drive, please consider paypal-ing the money directly to gavin@gavincastleton.com. They deduct far less in fees, and I get the funds far sooner. Just be sure to include your shipping address and package selection. If you're not domestic, I will contact you at shipping time re: shipping costs.
Thank you everybody. More than I can ever say, thank you.

I will try to make a few extra "I helped Gavin Castleton finish his new album and all I got was this crappy t-shirt" shirts for those that are jones-ing, but no promises. It really depends on what remaining funds I have at that point.

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