Friday, August 27, 2010

"Won Over Frequency" Album update #2

This past week was rife with progress on this album - after a grueling photoshoot with my very talented sister, I tracked piano, organ, violin, cello, viola, mellotron, acoustic and electric guitar, bass-re-amping, and vocals at two studios on the west coast while Rob and Brian began mixing the first few songs at Sounds Interesting Studios on the east coast. I'm pulling 14 hour days editing and tracking odds and ends, and I couldn't be happier about it, though I do miss my tiny nieces and nephew as well as the sunlight. This week also wrought my biggest equipment purchase since this very laptop - a True Systems P2 analog dual pre-amp!

This gorgeous piece of machinery helps me capture vocals, piano, strings, and just about anything else that needs a stereo mic-ing in a clear and hi-grade fashion.Your donations are integral to achieving a better sound, and I thank you profusely!

Also, I want to reiterate that your pledges/donations are still very much needed, and if you can do it through paypal (via, I'll see a bit more of it (Kickstarter takes an 8-10% cut!!). Just be sure to include which reward package you'd like. If you intend to purchase this album it's wise to do it pre-order style, as you will avoid shipping (i.e. I'll pay for it). Help me spread the word!


BTW - it has come to my attention that there may be humans out there that took certain parts of my Fundraiser video seriously - parts that were intended to be comedic. My friends and family are constantly reminding me that my sense of humor may not always translate well to people who don't know me, but I still forget. If you supported me on this fundraiser because you believed that I was actually living in a rundown truck in an alley somewhere selling blood in a big glass bowl outside of a Dollar Tree, then I want to honestly apologize and offer you your pledge back. I'm not, in fact, homeless, and I have eaten cereal and grapes in addition to mexican food, thanks to the force-feeding from my family. Your contributions are the sole reason this album is going to sound great, but I want to be clear: you're not keeping me from physically dying... you're helping me do what I love.
And yes, somebody did call my bluff and purchase my son. This ominous backer has not contacted me, so I have no idea what Lumas' fate will be. I do feel kind of like a crack whore for selling my son in a time of need, but I'm confident that if the album does well enough maybe I could buy him back?

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V. said...

that was funny haha

hi Gavin, I'm Vicky from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and I want to tell you that I love your music and I'm spreading the word around here. "Home" blew me away, it was like fresh air to my brain hahah and I think it's an Amazing record!
I'm looking forward to hear your new work. You are an excellent artist