Monday, September 20, 2010

Get it while it's hit.

My album is finally available for download at The Integers Only Store!

Those who pre-ordered the album will receive their physical copy (and the other goodies) In the beginning of October. I really appreciate those who are supporting me by purchasing the record - I'm still two thousand dollars short of breaking even, so every sale counts for me right now.

Reading this on lastFM made my day:
unintelligent: Hey there. I'm a stranger from the internet. I would really appreciate the charity if you could share a download link to Won Over Frequency with me. Thanks!
Arc_Aether: Sorry, it's a prerelease copy from Gavin himself for supporting the production of the album. It'd be a super-douche thing to do.


Brett said...

he hasn't stopped asking for it either:

Wes said...

I got the same thing. I sent him to integersonly.