Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tour Madness

My trio arrives in Portland tonight to begin group preparations for our 3-week tour to the west coast and back. I'm knee-deep in my own nonsense; interfacing with all the various printers for the new line of goods coming in, doing what publicity I can for this new record (which is available NOW), trying to sublet my apartment so I can afford the gas to the east coast, and learning all the music that we'll need to throw down on this run. Needless to say things are frantic, , and downright awesome.
I want to just take a minute to tell you about this tour we're departing on Thursday. We'll be playing our way over to the east coast to meet up with my dear friends Lex Land and Happy Body Slow Brain for a run of New England dates and then a trip back to Portland. Both of these artists are releasing what I consider to be incredible records this month, so it's kind of a trifecta of new hit collections. And to make matters illier, we are all going to share gear and musicians - making each of our sets all the more collaborative. You have never met a more committed collection of music lovers. Basically the last tour like this was probably the Horde Tour, when John Popper played harmonica all day.
Please check out these dates and I hope you'll come see what will easily be my favorite tour to date:

9/23 Corvallis, OR
9/24 Nampa, ID
9/25 Salt Lake City, UT
9/27 Lincoln, NE
9/28 Chicago, IL
9/29 Pittsburgh, PA w/ HBSB
9/30 Boston, MA w/ HBSB
10/1 Niagara University, NY w/ HBSB
10/2 New Bedford, MA w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/3 Portland, ME w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/4 Hamden, CT w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/5 Rockville Centre, NY w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/6 Philadelphia, PA w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/7 Nyack, NY w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/8 NYC, NY w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/9 Providence, RI w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/11 Westchester, PA w/ Lex Land & HBSB
10/12 Columbus, OH w/ Lex Land
10/13 St. Louis, MO w/ Lex Land
10/14 Wichita, KS w/ Lex Land
10/15 Denver, CO w/ Lex Land
10/16 Salt Lake City, UT w/ Lex Land
10/17 Portland, OR w/ Lex Land

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Corey Young said...

You HAVE to somehow get me the details to the St. Louis, MO date. I've been listening to/buying all your solo albums since a friend of mine introduced Home to me. I WILL NOT MISS THIS SHOW. You can post the deets on here but I honestly doubt I'll get it considering the only reason I get on this dial up interent is to look up your lyrics. It'd be much more convenient if you either posted it on my myspace (www.myspace.com/chazknowsbest) or even if you could text me my number is 1 573 210 1704. Just somehow get them to me. Your music has inspired so much of the music I've written lately and the stories you tell with the passion you tell it with keep me wanting to play music for all the right reasons. Sorry to rant.

Corey Young