Friday, December 17, 2010

I hate you, Cable company ________.

Thank you for contacting Qwest. My name is Kelci C. (20778). How may I help you today?

Gavin: Hi Kelci, I am looking at the front page of
Gavin: and it says I can get 40 Mbps connection for 6 months at 19.99
Gavin: with free activiation and $50 prepaid card
Kelci C. (20778): I will be happy to assist you.
Kelci C. (20778): Will you please verify the phone number or account number that you are inquiring about?
Kelci C. (20778): Or may I have your address please.
Gavin: I am not a current customer, I am considering switching from Comcast
Gavin: if I can get the 40Mbps @ 19.99 for 6 months
Kelci C. (20778): may I have your address please.
Gavin: 399 Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97220
Kelci C. (20778): One moment.
Kelci C. (20778): I show only the 1.5M speed is available to you.
Gavin: why is that?
Kelci C. (20778): I do not have information on why the speeds are and are not available. You can call customer service Monday-Friday 8-6 MST.
Gavin: Ahhh, I figured it was one of those "bait and switch" deals, just wanted to make sure. How disappointing.
Kelci C. (20778): We offer 40M just not at your address.
Gavin: You may want to ask the webmaster to add a "* not at 399 Albina Ave in Portland OR" message just under the offer there.
Gavin: to help avoid confusion
Kelci C. (20778): It has a link to check the availability on the page.
Kelci C. (20778): Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Gavin: are there any areas of Oregon where 40M is available?
Kelci C. (20778): Yes there are.
Kelci C. (20778): You can check to see when it will be available in your area also.
Kelci C. (20778): Please click here to be notified when Qwest fiber optic Internet is available in your area.
Gavin: awesome! Thank you Kelci
Kelci C. (20778): Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Gavin: I'd like to cancel my Comcast account
Gavin: and switch to 40Mbps
Kelci C. (20778): I completely understand, I would recommend going to the link so you will be notified when the speed is available.
Gavin: I did - it says in November, 2010
Gavin: so I guess it's available?
Gavin: can you switch my Comcast to that?
Kelci C. (20778): You will need to wait until the speed is available at the address before you can sign up for it. I'm showing it's still not available.
Gavin: are we looking at the same site? I don't understand. Do you think it's a typo and is supposed to say "September, 2011"?
Gavin: I've seen that kind of thing before.
Kelci C. (20778): It may, or they could be working on it still.
Kelci C. (20778): You can call 1-800-244-1111 Monday-Friday 8-6 mst. They can give you a more exact date.
Gavin: oh
Gavin: where do I put my credit card info in?
Gavin: to cancel my slow connection
Kelci C. (20778): You shouldn't have to.
Gavin: wonderful
Gavin: you guys are way easier to deal with than Comcast
Gavin: when do I get my $50 gift card?
Kelci C. (20778): You will receive a postcard within 15 days with instructions on how to redeem online, and how to send us a copy of your previous Internet provider's bill. You will need to do this within 45 days of activation. Qwest services must remain active for 45 days in order to get the Qwest Visa Prepaid Card. After that, you should receive your card within 6 to 8 weeks.
Gavin: and can I use it at my address (399 Albina Ave)
Gavin: or do I have to drive to the 40 Mbps area
Kelci C. (20778): You can use the visa gift card anywhere that accepts Visa.
Gavin: that's wonderful!
Gavin: so after a month and a half, then I wait another 2 months
Gavin: and the card comes?
Kelci C. (20778): Yes, that is correct.
Gavin: so maybe where it says "Get FREE Activation + $50 Prepaid Card" on the front page, they should add "*that won't arrive until you're ready to switch back to Comcast"
Gavin: because I think that people will be put off by the 3 1/2 month wait for a prepaid gift card
Gavin: industry standard wait is like 2 months max for a prepaid gift card I think
Gavin: is there a link where I can submit these suggestions to the webmaster or is he you?
Kelci C. (20778): You must keep service for 45 days to get the card,
Kelci C. (20778): It's on the website and we tell people before they sign up and issue the order.
Gavin: ahh
Gavin: I wonder why they don't start addressing the envelope, applying the stamp, etc. during that first 45 days
Gavin: that way when it's up, they just toss it in the mailbox
Gavin: and I could have it in 3-5 days
Gavin: instead of 6-8 weeks
Gavin: seems like that way people would be less likely to use that gift card to pay for their first month back at Comcast
Kelci C. (20778): You have to keep service for 45 days to get a card, we do not provide a gift card for switching when you change service for 1 month.
Kelci C. (20778): Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Gavin: How much for a phone?


Maren B said...

You're such a jerk.

Anonymous said...

HA! I hate internet companies. And I love that you were so passive-aggressive. very funny.

ameyer13 said...

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