Tuesday, December 14, 2010

News from my New Desk

Dearest you,
I regret to inform you that my children's album Travelight will not be ready in time for Christmas digestion. This postponement is partially due to the work I'm doing on Won Over Frequency fundraiser rewards, partially due to financial ruin, and partially due to the fact that I've taken up a full-time job to remedy said ruin.

After our disastrous (albeit glorious and heartwarming) tour to the east coast this past October, it became painfully obvious that no matter how hard I worked at releasing new media, streamlining my business, non-stop marketing, and consistent touring, I am unable to sculpt a sustainable model (not with my current business team, at least). I have more listeners now than I've ever had, and those that support me financially have been extremely generous this year especially. But unfortunately their generosity is outweighed by the cost of touring and recording. I'm now working diligently to pay back the $9k in debt that I've accrued over the last few years. I hope to be out of debt by early 2012.

My life and work and the philosophies that steer them are changing dramatically right now, but my love of making music is more steadfast than it's ever been. I have so many ideas for future projects that I'm not sure where to start.

On a more Christmasy note, I've designed a new web store for the Integers Only family, just in time to show off several new goodies:
  • Dreams of Water, the amazing new record from one of my favorite bands, Happy Body Slow Brain (featuring Matt Fazzi, Isaac Bolivar and Eduardo Torres)
  • Feast for a King, the full-length album I wrote and produced with Blak is finally available! Mixed and mastered by the massive Brian Cass (Home, Won Over Frequency, Overclock Orchestra), this album features many songs crafted from remnants of Dark Age, A Bullet, A Lever, A Key, FortNightShift
  • Observatories, the new record from Blue Cranes
  • hard copies of Won Over Frequency and Home
  • these amazing American Apparel shirts designed by Jonathan Lax:

Please have a look around and scoop something up for a loved one. All orders will ship the next day in hopes of arriving in time for Christmas. All proceeds from the new Gavin Castleton shirts go towards the recording of Travelight.


Ashley Allen said...

Full time job? You're such a commoner now. Sadness about the children's album. I'll get myself a shirt for christmas instead, I suppose.

hevans said...

What better way to end the year than with fresh tees & new music. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

G'luck with the job.