Sunday, July 19, 2015

Underestimate Me

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I felt you leaving
in November
after I drove up to see you
I read between your thinning lines of texts
and busy weekends
I knew the truth but I asked you to give it to me straight
but you underestimated me

I know that boy
is so pretty
with his New York sensibilities
I know you float
on a tide of lusting users
so you don’t see how I could feed you like all of those youthful things
but you underestimated me

‘cause I would provide for you
(maybe not in the fiscal sense)
but I would provide for you
(uh, baby no more than just two kids)
I mean… I’d make a space for you to be 
the wonder you are to me
the wonder you are for me
the rare thing you are to see
the best person you can be

Now that you’ve blazed me
once again 
I won’t be running back to Washington
I won’t be hoping that you’ll understand
I won’t be begging you to choose…
My throat is tight, my heart is loose.
So I’ll just remember how you made me forget the world all around me

while the world still reminds me of you.

1 comment:

moor haunter said...

I had to listen to this three times in a row the first time I heard it.